Compensation & Payroll Management
Anyone can push numbers and cut paychecks... Trust CES to ensure those numbers are calculated correctly every time, every paycheck.
Did you know?
If you pay employees
performance pay...

You need to pay Overtime based on actual earnings, not earnings as compared to minimum wage.
If you pay employees
commission on top of hourly wages...

You need to account for those additional wages when calculating Overtime.
These are the two biggest violations the Dept. of Labor is collecting fines and fees on, in addition to calculated back wages going back 3 - 5 years, the DOL fines/fees can amount to:
Per Empoyee, Per Violation
Choose the Plan that's Right for Your Business
Input your payroll online and take advantage of superior CES customer service. Recommended for simple compensation plans and businesses without performance pay.
CES will review and coordinate your compensation plan and payroll processing for accuracy and compliance. Custom built payroll calculating and submission tools and DOL compliance verification of EVERY payroll processed!
All of the benefits of the Premium option, but CES provides access to Pay-Go Worker's Compensation, a variety of employee benefit options, and reduction in employee management liability via one of our PEO partners.
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