HR & Safety
Our goal is to help you build and "brand" a company culture that will better protect your business from OSHA, WHD and the other 20 divisions within the Department of Labor and their more than 10,000 regulations.
What you get with CES
On Call Support

Implementing a new policy? Need to talk about how to respond to an employee situation? Call us any time on any topic... We are ready to help!
Employee Handbook

Our team of specialists can either review & update or completely replace your employee handbook. If a new handbook is created for your company, updates are proactively sent and integrated every 6 months.
Safety Training Topics

Two safety training topics delivered monthly with OSHA compliant attendance form. Over the course of a year, all OSHA annually required topics are covered to ensure compliance.
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Monthly HR Trip

A single focused topic designed to bring your attention to important and relevant compliance vulnerabilities that face your industry.
50 State HR Website

Minimize your confusion by logging into your specific state to get the information you need. Updated monthly.
Safety Data Sheet Management

Get the latest versions of your Hazardous Material Safety Data Sheets and keep them up to date so that you're in the clear when OSHA or the manufacturer makes changes.
Written Safety Program

Updated annually and maintained to the highest degree across the country to meet the standards of Workers' Compensation insurance carriers as well as third party certifiers such as ISNetworld.

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