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At CES We’re All About Operational Excellence. It’s the Difference Between Just Being and Being the Best.

Operational Excellence extends to all areas of your company: sales, service, quality control, dispatch, accounting and warranty. It drives your marketing message – from your Yellow Pages ad to your web presence, how you answer the phones and brand your employee uniforms…all the way to how your service vehicles are designed, equipped and painted.

Every aspect of how you get business, do business and plan for future business is a daily focus and you are at the forefront of a desire to be the best, most successful and most profitable company in your market place.

usAt CES we recognize that compliance with government regulations is another critically important aspect of Operational Excellence that is often overlooked. And yet it’s one that can have a far-reaching impact on your net profit and, in some cases, even your very existence.

Since 1998 CES has been helping our clients nationwide by providing the resources, tools and expertise to assure that you are able to build a secure wall around your compliance obligations and operate with greater confidence to protect those profits. Our clients “brand” their employee management with CES to demonstrate their knowledge, awareness and accountability to governmental agencies and the outside world who might otherwise look to exploit your vulnerability for gain.

Here’s just some of what we can handle for you:

  • • Human Resource issues
  • • OSHA mandated safety needs
  • • State and Federal DOL compensation matters related to wage and hourly payroll calculations
  • • Simplifying payroll processing or ways to control non-revenue producing tasks
  • • Manage operations expense (like PEO’s) and pay-as-you-go workers’ comp solutions

In fact, that’s all we do…all day, every day.  And we do it exclusively for companies like yours.  That’s why we’re not just experts, but experts you can depend on.

Three Primary Compliance Issues = Three Areas of Vulnerability

The kind of compliance issues you and other contractors face on a daily basis exist at three primary levels: Human Resources, Safety Training and Payroll. These are the areas that research shows are primary vulnerabilities since most companies are either unaware of the requirements or simply unable to task someone within their organization – someone with the right kind of expertise – to take the lead and assure that these requirements are consistently met and fulfilled.

Your instincts tell you the importance of doing it, CES can provide you with the ability to do it. In essence, we “insource the services and solutions” that allow you to elevate your company to the next level, protect your profits, and give yourself the resources to grow and expand rather than pay fines and penalties which reflect badly on your company as a whole.

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“Our company has trusted CES since 2009 to handle our compensation and payroll management. Employee Leasing gave us time to turn around high unemployment rates and Workers Compensation costs. Then when a better fit was a payroll solution, CES made it happen and we still work with the same people who know us best.”

Dan Worstell

Pyramid Roofing

“CES has provided our company with a wealth of information, guidance, and innovative solutions in the field of Human Resources and Safety Compliance.  All the resources and insight we need to manage employee relations and safety compliance issues are now at our finger tips.  Thanks, to CES, we have been able to build a more professional image for our company.”

John and Marilyn Price

Aloha Aire, Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing

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