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Today, more than ever, governmental regulations, compliance rules, and employee compensation issues are complex and challenging. They’re constantly being updated or revised, creating a minefield for America’s small business owners. Since 1998 CES has been providing all of the needed resources and expertise to help you navigate that minefield and manage your non-revenue based tasks at a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle of finding, developing and implementing government mandated compliance documents and programs yourself.

At CES we refer to it as “IN SOURCING”; it’s simple, when you ‘IN-SOURCE’ with CES, YOU keep control of your key administrative business operations but rely on US to bring expertise, resources and tools to the table and act as your guide and advisor to ensure that your needs are met in the best way possible.


CES is a nationally recognized provider of several key employee management solutions focused on helping our clients and their team protect profits from the impact of missteps. We also help maintain operational excellence in their day-to-day employee leadership by providing the right tool for the job, every time. Our programs and services include the following:

• Required HR & Safety Programs

• Compensation & Payroll Processing Expertise

• Employee Leasing and PEO’s to help manage and reduce operations costs

Which of our services best fit your needs? Let us know your challenges and concerns and we’ll help you devise a winning strategy. With CES by your side, you can feel confident you’re well protected every step of the way.


Comprehensive Employment Solution is ready to serve clients seeking to protect their profits and achieve operational excellence. As the #1 fully integrated provider of such solutions for Residential Service Providers and Contractors nationwide, we work together with member companies of most of the industry’s major business groups and trade associations specializing in HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing and Insulating as well as certain other specialized construction fields.

Contact us today to discover all the value that can accrue to your company from joining forces with Comprehensive Employment Solution.


“Our company has trusted CES since 2009 to handle our compensation and payroll management. Employee Leasing gave us time to turn around high unemployment rates and Workers Compensation costs. Then when a better fit was a payroll solution, CES made it happen and we still work with the same people who know us best.”

Dan Worstell

Pyramid Roofing

“CES has provided our company with a wealth of information, guidance, and innovative solutions in the field of Human Resources and Safety Compliance.  All the resources and insight we need to manage employee relations and safety compliance issues are now at our finger tips.  Thanks, to CES, we have been able to build a more professional image for our company.”

John and Marilyn Price

Aloha Aire, Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing

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